The Travel Hopefully Slog

The mmSeason long hard slog

What slog?

Think Rupert Bear meets Baron Munchausen meets The Godfather. The word book scares me, but i can’t keep referring to it as potentially book-length fiction. So book it is. Novel? Moi? On this blog i tell you about it.

About it – not what it’s about. I’m not even telling you my working title. That’s not the stuff i want to share.

About it – its existence. So far, that means its gestation. The slog began on 8 November 2008 and by 1 January 2009, when this blog began, its first draft amounted to roughly 22,000 words. (For reference, these days 50,000 make a pretty slim novel and many run to more than 200,000.) Some way into Chapter Two, with no reliable idea of how many chapters there will be eventually.


On top of that i’ll keep you updated with:

  • what i think of the bit i’ve just written: whether it’s readable, whether it will need heavy reworking or even scrapping
  • any other creativity: other fiction, essays or articles, poems, drafts thereof – the day-to-day journal of what i produce
  • the business end: when i submit work to any market or get rejected – and, you never know, accepted
  • the inward effect: the moods – NOT an outpouring of artistic angst, but an observation of the fluctuations in confidence, enthusiasm, ability
  • things i learn and, when i’m feeling chatty, things i’ve learnt in the past

The point?

  • Other writers’ online accounts of the journey of their writing have surprised me by how much comfort and inspiration they bring. If it works like that, i can offer the same.
  • I’m hoping the recording of progress will keep the progress happening. If the most recent post here is a year old, you’ll know that isn’t working.
  • And after a few months this blog will be a record of one novel’s journey. Of interest to future archaeonovelologists.

So who is this writer?

I write as mmSeason. I decided to use a pen name because neither the surname i use now, nor my father’s, nor the one i grew up with, feels like mine, and it doesn’t help that the one i live with now is the same as a very famous author.

And why is this long hard slog a big deal?

Because my health gave up on me in 2006. Life has worked to prevent me writing anything worth seeing, and to prevent the world seeing it. It fluctuates: i may easily write two or three thousand words one day, another i may be crippled making it as far as two hundred.

The Travel Hopefully Slog is a shout of triumph that i’m fit enough to write at all today. Next week (or month or year) i may not be. So i don’t put it off, i celebrate today.

This blog is a hopetravel towards a completed, and even published, piece. The Travel Hopefully Blog is a hopetravel towards knowing what i’m talking about with regard to everything else. You will find general mumblings across there, as well as some of my short fiction and poems.


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