The Travel Hopefully Slog

Another milestone zips past

Posted in The TH Slog by mand Season on Thursday 14 January 2010

This week i have made it past 70,000. The end is nowhere in sight*! So much for my estimate of 70K or a little over. I’m as bad as i ever was at judging how long something will end up, when not writing to a tight limit.

I did once come across a little widget thingummy that kept track of progress with a graphic, and you chose from a huge range of images such as thermometers, stripy worms, train tracks and so on. I think it was intended for publicising weight loss but you could use it for anything. Can’t find the site again! Tell me if you see something like that lying around…

* I say ‘nowhere in sight’ but i think i can see it. Faintly. Like the mysterious building on the opposite hill, and my useless guess at how long the walk will be.  ;0)


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