The Travel Hopefully Slog

Year-beginning update

Posted in The TH Slog by mand Season on Wednesday 6 January 2010

I have started Big Pink Book E for the new year.  🙂  So far, very nearly 68,000 words typed up (well into Chapter Ten) and another couple of pages legible only to myself.

Works for me:

I’m deliberately not keeping quite up to date with the typing-up. That way, when (not if) i have to have an unexpected break of a day or two or seventeen, i have a few hundred words to type and that gets me back in the swing. A page or so usually does it.

The mind focuses better when typing than just reading – a bit like revising for exams by copying out your notes. (Kinaesthetic learning.) The only way i can immerse myself equally well by only reading is if i read aloud, and in this house that’s not always an option.

Something about Big Pink Book E feels better than Big Pink Book D.

  • It’s the fifth, and i prefer odd numbers;
  • It’s potentially the last, though i do think i’ll spill into F (and i prefer consonants);
  • At the moment it’s all (er, almost all) blank and pristine and not yet dog-eared.

I know dog-eared is positive, like a cuddly toy that’s visibly well-loved, but still there is the excitement of a new exercise book.

Childish. I’ve learnt: whatever works. I wish grown-up incentives worked for me but i can’t think of one that motivates me as strongly. (If it did, not doubt i’d write political thrillers or something.) So let’s go with childish.  🙂


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